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Baptism is the welcoming your child into our faith community. Through this sacrament you are professing, for your child, a desire to be part of our parish family and to learn about the Catholic faith. We ask all new parents to attend a Baptism class prior to the Baptism of their first child. Baptisms are celebrated on the first weekend of each month. Call the Parish Office at 608-846-5726 to register


First Eucharist is celebrated in the second grade. Families look forward to this celebration and all of the preparation leading up to this special time in their child's faith journey. Oftentimes, families find that their own faith has grown as they come to appreciate the presence of Jesus in the sacrament and in each other. As a faith community we celebrate Eucharist every week. This coming together to share our stories and break bread is the foundation of our First Eucharist program. Bringing your child to the celebration of Mass each week is the greatest gift you can give to prepare for this Sacrament.


Reconciliation is offered at 4:15 PM at St. Olaf on Saturday and at 11:45 AM at St. Joseph on Sunday.

Sacrament of the Sick

Please call Fr. Vince at 846-5726 if you are going to be hospitalized.


Contact Fr. Vince at the Parish Office at 608-846-5726 six months in advance to obtain a date and begin preparation.


Confirmation has gone through many changes over the last few years and now is most commonly celebrated in high school, with an emphasis on the personal faith development and commitment of the confirmand. Confirmation may be administered to any baptized person who gives evidence of sufficient understanding of the meaning of the sacrament, and a desire to receive it. As with all of the sacraments, Confirmation is a gift of God, freely given and freely received. Those who want to be confirmed prepare for the Sacrament through participation in: retreats, service projects, attendance at scheduled classes and parish activities.